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 Real Fruit Smoothies

All 100% natural, 100% vitamin C, 6g of fiber, no artificial flavors, made

fresh with real whole fruits

12-oz. $3.29 • 20-oz. $4.29 • 24-oz $5.29

Mad, Mad, Mango  (non-dairy) Mango, banana & fresh pineapplesSmoothieMenuPhoto

Strawberry Colada  Strawberries, pineapples, bananas, coconut & low-fat frozen yogurt

Pom Beach  Pomegranate juice, whole cranberries, & Acai berry juice with low-fat frozen yogurt - antioxidant rich!

Dangerous Liaisons  (non-dairy) Strawberries & bananas. The “Carb Controller” less than 150 calories. Stevia (natural sweetener) available at no extra charge

Mr. Frantic  Whole strawberries & kiwi with low-fat frozen yogurt

Mo-Jo  Akai berry juice, kiwi, pineapple, banana, strawberries, blueberries & low-fat frozen yogurt

Berry Furious  (non-dairy) Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberry sorbet & soy milk

Caribbean Dawn  Classic peaches and cream flavor with low-fat frozen yogurt. Great for breakfast!

Tea-Licious  (non-dairy) Real raspberry frozen tea, raspberry sorbet, fresh-brewed unsweetened tea & sorbet. Less than 150 calories.

Blue Banana  Blueberries, banana, pineapple & low-fat frozen yogurt

Mango Colada  Real mangos, coconut & low-fat frozen yogurt with a hint of butter rum; add a banana for free

Orange Creamsicle  Classic creamsicle taste, but we use real fresh-juiced orange juice & low-fat frozen yogurt

The Green Machine  Goodness of veggies with the flavor of fresh-juiced apples!

Mango Mojito  Mango, lime juice, mint & low-fat frozen yogurt

Kitchen Sink  A variety of all our whole fruits & low-fat frozen yogurt




12-oz. $3.29 • 20-oz. $4.29 • 24-oz $5.29

Classic  Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry 

Peanut Butter  Made with all natural peanut butter

Cookie Dough  Our real chocolate chunk cookies & ice creamcol 2 3

Chocolate Nirvana  Our real chocolate chunk brownies & ice cream

Black Beauty  Blueberry, Acai berry & ice cream

Raspberry Cheesecake  Whole raspberries & espresso cheesecake

Red Velvet  Butter-cream icing & red velvet cake batter ice cream


*Add a Protein Boost to your smoothie or shake (36 grams of protein) for $1.49



Italian Sodas

24-oz. $2.29

Sparkling water & Torani flavors.  Try strawberry, blueberry, kiwi or any of over 30 flavors!