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              Coffee & Espresso                 

                                          Tall 12-oz. • Grande 16-oz. (Double-shot) • Gigante 20-oz. (Double-shot)

 Café Latte  Espresso & steamed milk

Cappuccino  Espresso & foamed milk

Café Mocha  Espresso, cocoa, steamed milk & whipped cream CoffeeBagMenuPage

White Chocolate Mocha  Espresso, white chocolate, steamed milk & whipped cream

Caramel Latte  Espresso, creme caramel, vanilla, steamed milk & whipped cream

Java Joys  Choose from Mocha-Berry, Snickers, Heath, Almond Joy, Peanut Butter Cup, Caramello or Ferrero Rocher

Espresso Shot  Our “della notte blend” the best

Steamers  Your choice of flavors with steamed milk

Hot Chocolate &  White Hot Chocolate

House Chai Latte  Chai tea, cinnamon & vanilla

Whole-Leaf Teas  Natural blends & green teas

Café Au-Lait  Coffee with steamed milk

Fresh Brewed Coffee  Always 7 varieties of small batch roasted coffee every day



                             Iced Lattes

                                            12-oz. $3.29 • 20-oz. $4.29 • 24-oz. $5.29

                                      Iced Café Latte (Sweetened)

frappeIced Mocha Latte with cocoa

Iced White Chocolate Mocha

Iced Caramel Latte

Iced (or frozen) Chai



Frappes - Frozen Cappuccinos

12-oz. $3.29 • 20-oz. $4.29 • 24-oz. $5.29

                                  Classic  Espresso with frozen yogurt

                                  Mocha Original  With Ghirardelli cocoa

                                  Berry Truffle Mocha  Whole raspberries and cocoa

                                  Raspberry Cheesecake  Espresso, real raspberries & sorbet

                                  Almond-Joy  Coconut, chocolate & almond

                                  Banana Mocha  Bananas, frozen yogurt & cocoa

                                 Snickers Mocha  Peanut butter, caramel & cocoa