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Fresh Salads

Add grilled chicken or avocado to any salad for $1.95 (or grilled wild caught salmon for $3.95)

All large salads include garlic bread

Strawberry Fields  (Seasonal) Baby spinach, fresh strawberries, cukes, purple onion & sesame roasted walnuts with a homemade sugar-free lemon poppy seed vinaigrette.  Large $7.95 • Side $5.95 • Add gorgonzola $.95col 3 4

Mango Balsamic  Baby spinach, mangos, cukes, purple onion & sesame
crusted walnuts with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Great with chicken!
Large $7.95 • Side $5.95 • Add gorgonzola $.95
Classic Greek  Crisp Romaine with mixed baby greens, roma tomatoes,
cukes, purple onion, feta cheese, Kalamata olives & oregano.
Large $6.95 • Side $5.95 • Add grilled chicken for $1.95

Grilled Chicken Caesar  Fresh Romaine & baby spinach tossed with Parmesan cheese & Caesar, topped with strips of hot grilled marinated white chicken, fresh grated Romano & purple onion.  Large $7.95 • Side $5.95


Avocado Citrus Caesar  Fresh avocados with juiced lime, cilantro & sea salt, tossed with baby spinach, Romaine, bacon, purple onions & fresh shredded Asiago cheese. Offered with savory Caesar dressing.  Large $8.95 • Side $6.95

The Garden  Simply the freshest greens! Romaine, green leaf, roma tomato, purple onion, carrots, cukes & bell peppers. Finished with fresh grated Romano.  
Large $6.95 • Side $5.49 • Add white tuna salad $1.95

Grilled Buffalo Chicken  Crisp Romaine with bleu cheese dressing & grilled strips of boneless buffalo-style chicken, jalapeños, onions & fresh grated Romano.  Large $7.95 • Side $5.95

The Waldorf  Baby spinach, sesame crusted walnuts, celery, cranberries & lime zest with low-fat Greek yogurt dressing with poppy seed.  Large $7.95 • Side $5.95

Dressings: Savory Caesar, Parmesan Peppercorn, Lite Italian, Greek, Amazing Honey Mustard, Fat-Free Sun-Dried Tomato, Reduced-Calorie Raspberry Lime Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Asian Sesame Ginger, Ranch & Our House Lite Extra Virgin Olive Oil Balsamic Vinaigrette


Grill Press

All include Louisiana chips & dill pickle (upon request) or choose an 8 oz. café side for an additional $1.95

Sun-Dried Grilled Chicken Sandwich  97% fat-free grilled/marinated chicken with mild chipotle & fresh Romaine lettuce, roma tomato, purple onion & melted low-fat Monterey Jack cheese all on a homemade sun-dried tomato encrusted focaccia roll.  $7.95

tilapia1Fresh Fish Tacos  Tortilla encrusted wild caught tilapia with Romaine, baby greens & pico de gallo in a grilled tortilla.  $8.95 • Add fresh avocado slices for $.95

"The Godfather"  Authentic Italian press grilled sandwich with roma tomato, purple onion, capicola & melted provolone cheese. Made with homemade roma tomato salsa. Jalapeño peppers available at no extra charge.  $6.95 • half sandwich $4.95
4-Cheese Gourmet Grill  The best grilled cheese anywhere! Monterey jack, provolone, American & white cheddar cheese with roma tomato available upon request.  $5.95 • half sandwich $4.49
• Add bacon $.95 • Add an 8 oz. cup of tomato soup $1.95

Texas Twister  Grilled chicken with smoked bacon, Monterey jack cheese, Romaine, roma tomato & purple onion with a unique smoky BBQ sauce on a soft pretzel roll.  $7.95

The "Royale w/ Cheese"  5-oz. Black Angus beef, creamy American & white cheddar cheese, served on a grilled pretzel roll (or ciabatta roll) with Romaine, purple onion, roma tomato & chipotle sauce (or ketchup). 
$7.95 • Add bacon $.95 • Add bleu cheese $.95Burger1
Livin’ La Vida Boca  98% fat-free VEGGIE BURGER with 14 grams of soy protein! Served with fresh avocado, roma tomato chipotle spread, Romaine, fresh salsa & purple onion all on a whole wheat honey roll.  
$6.95 • Add any cheese for $.95

Fidel's Favorite  Slow roasted Cuban spiced pork with honey smoked ham, melted Swiss, pickles & stone-ground mustard on grilled marble rye.  Evil guy, wicked flavor!  $7.95


Flatbreads & Melts

All include Louisiana chips & dill pickle (upon request) or choose an 8 oz. café side for an additional $1.95

The Dirty Harry Melt  Prime rib marinated in mild bourbon peppercorn sauce with roasted red peppers, purple onion & grilled baby bellas upon request - topped with melted cheddar-jack & a side of au jus.  Double $10.95 • Single $6.95
“Go ahead... make my melt."  

Sun-Dried Spinach Melt  Unique combination of our own homemade sun-dried tomato bread, spinach, fresh roma tomato, purple onion, Greek Feta cheese, chipotle spread & melted mozzarella cheese.  Double $6.95 • Single $4.95Panini1

White Open-Faced Tuna Melt  Half lb. of our famous Albacore white-meat tuna salad with roma tomatoes, melted Monterey & provolone cheeses with Italian spices baked on Italian whole-grain ciabatta bread.  Double $8.95 • Single $5.95

Crab Imperial Melt  100% real Maryland crab blended with spinach & cheddar-jack cheese then broiled on fresh-baked pretzel roll with mild Creole spices. 
Double $12.95 • Single $7.95

Great Balls of Fire  6 oz. of Angus meatballs with mozzarella, vidalia onion, roasted red peppers & sriracha on a toasted Philly sub roll.  Double $7.95 • Single $4.95

Buffalo Chicken Flatbread  White meat grilled chicken in homemade Buffalo sauce with a Thai kick, bleu cheese crumbles, purple onion, jalapeños & mozzarella cheese.  Double $8.95 • Single $5.95

Caribbean Pork Flatbread  Slow roasted Cuban spiced BBQ that melts in your mouth, with fresh mango, purple onion, & loads of melted mozzarella.  Double $8.95 • Single $5.95



Grilled & Fresh Wraps

All include Louisiana chips & dill pickle (upon request) or choose an 8 oz. cafe side for an additional $1.95

California Club  Quarter lb. of pan-roasted & honey smoked turkey, Romaine, purple onion, roma tomato, Swiss, crispy bacon with avocado & mild chipotle pepper spread in a honey whole wheat fajita.  $6.95 • half wrap $4.95

Fresh Veggie  Crisp Romaine lettuce, cukes, purple onion, red bell peppers, roma tomatoes, carrots, black beans, avocado, Monterey cheese and homemade cilantro spread in a tomato fajita.  $5.49 • half wrap $3.95

Grilled Chicken Caesar  Marinated chicken, crispy smoked bacon & mozzarella cheese with vidalia onion, roma tomato & Romaine in a fresh spinach fajita with Caesar dressing.  $6.95 • half wrap $4.95

Chicken Popper Fajita  Grilled marinated chicken breast, lite cream cheese, green peppers, hot peppers, roma tomato, lite ranch spread on a grilled hot jalapeño & cheese fajita served with a side of homemade salsa.  
$6.95 • half wrap $4.95 • add sour cream $.50

White Albacore Tuna  Simply the best tuna salad anywhere with big pieces of white tuna, fresh celery & red bell peppers. Served with lettuce, tomato, purple onion & cheese.  $5.95 • half wrap $4.29

Mediterranean Italian  Capicola premium Italian ham, Genoa salami, aged provolone cheese, purple onion, roma tomato & Romaine lettuce with Greek dressing in a herb-garlic fajita.  $5.95 • half wrap $4.29

Buffalo Chicken  Grilled buffalo chicken, bleu cheese, jalapeño peppers, purple onion & Romaine lettuce in a jalapeño & cheese fajita. Can sub bleu cheese/celery for chips/pickle.  $6.95 • half wrap $4.95col 3 2

Boca Black Bean Burrito  Veggie burger with 14 grams of soy protein, roma tomato, baby spinach, bell pepper, black bean chutney, fresh cilantro, low-fat cream & cheddar-jack cheeses on a tomato fajita wrap.  $6.95 • add sour cream $.50



Fresh Café Sides

Choose one of our homemade side dishes in place of chips and a pickle for $1.95 or add a side for $2.49

Fresh-Cut Fruit Salad  Fresh seasonal fruits in natural juices, tastes great without sugar added

Baked Potato Salad  Roasted red potatoes in a light buttermilk ranch vinaigrette with purple onion

Pasta Salad "Du Jour"  Choose from Greek or sun-dried cheese tortellini

Broccoli Salad  Fresh broccoli, bacon & cheddar/Monterey jack blended with a Vidalia vinaigrette

Cilantro Black Bean Mix  Black beans, sweet corn, roasted red bell peppers, purple onion, carrots, fresh cilantro and a homemade reduced balsamic & Dijon vinaigrette


Breakfast / Brunch

Served until 1 PM daily

Signature Breakfast Panini  Maple glazed ham, eggs, cheddar & Monterey jack cheeses, fresh baby greens & mild chipotle spread all on a grilled Panini. Served with fresh orange wedges.  $5.95 • half $3.95col 2 4

Western Omelet Wrap  3 eggs, crisp bacon, grilled purple onion, grilled red & green bell peppers with melted cheeses in a tomato fajita.  Served with fresh orange wedges & salsa.  $4.95

Spinach Omelet Wrap  3 eggs, spinach, grilled bell peppers, purple onion & melted cheeses all in the grilled spinach fajita.  Served with fresh orange wedges. 
$4.29 • Add feta for $.95

Carne Asada Quesadilla  3 eggs, tender Angus steak, cheddar jack, roasted red peppers & grilled onions.  $5.95

col 1 6Quiche Frittata  100% homemade, varieties change daily including 4-cheese, Lorraine (bacon & cheese), spinach with feta, & broccoli.  $4.95

Grilled Pretzel, Egg & Cheese Sandwiches  Classic flavors with a unique "twist"- served on our grilled pretzel bread with fresh orange wedges on the side.  $3.45

 Grilled Pretzel Roll  Grilled fresh pretzel roll served with butter, cream cheese or our cinnamon-sugar cream cheese.  $1.29 - $1.69


• Add bacon, sausage or Tavern ham for only $.95  •  Egg whites available

• We also offer cinnamon rolls, berry scones & pastries baked fresh daily